Why should I call a professional organizer?

Professional organizers can help you gain control and put systems in place so that your space will be functional and pleasing at the same time. Our goal is to help you regain a sense of calm and create a system that works for you. We specialize in creating spaces to make things easier. We know how busy life can be, and our job is to help ease your burden and put a smile on your face!

What can I expect on the first visit?

First we will determine which area you would like to focus on, and then we’ll talk about what is currently working for you and what is not. We will work together to decide how you would like your space to function and what your vision is for that particular space. Then we will dig in and work as a team to freshen up and organize that space to make it both functional and pleasing.

How long will it take to organize my space?

It will depend largely on two things: 1) the area or areas you wish to organize and 2) how involved you wish to be. For example, office space is much more time-intensive than a small closet or pantry because of the sheer volume involved and the time needed to examine each item. ( The same amount of space can be occupied by 3 sweaters vs. 1000 sheets of paper). It will also depend on how quickly and easily you make decisions regarding items to keep, discard or donate; the more comfortable you are, the quicker it goes. We at Space Matters will work hard to make the entire process faster, easier, more fun and highly efficient.

Will I need to be present during the whole organizing session?

It is entirely up to you. We are happy to organize your space solo, with just your occasional input and availability for questions either before, during or after each session; we are equally happy to have you present and participating every step of the way. We are very flexible on this issue and want you to do whatever you are most comfortable with.

Will my organizer throw stuff out?

Absolutely not – unless that is your wish, of course. Your possessions are yours to do with as you please; we will never get rid of anything without checking with you first. Our goal is to help you decide what items are truly meaningful and important to you and what you would like to keep in the space you have, versus what you wish to donate, discard or relocate. Once these decisions are made we will help you to create a space to house your possessions in a way that is both functional and pleasing to you personally.

Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Yes, absolutely.  As a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), we abide by a strict professional code of ethics as set forth in the NAPO guidelines (napo.net).

How do you charge for organizing sessions?

We generally charge on an hourly basis and are very flexible with our scheduling. You are always in control of how much or how little time you want to us to spend with you. As always, we will share as much information with you as we can along the way, so that you can decide which parts you want us to help with, and which parts you want to do on your own. Call us anytime for a free consultation and estimate.

Is there a charge a for the consultation?

No, our initial consultation is absolutely free. We will be happy to spend anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour discussing your needs and how we can help lighten your load and get you where you want to be.

How do I get started?

Call (972-510-7401) or email us (spacematters1@gmail) today and we’ll begin the path to a lighter, calmer, happier you. Remember, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao-Tzu. Take that first step with us today!