Space Matters is a professional organizing company specializing in transformations and relocations. Our goal is to help you create beautiful, functional, organized spaces, whether you’re coming, going, or staying. We want to help you lighten your load so that you can live a richer, fuller, happier life. By cleaning, clearing, and setting up systems, we can help save you time, energy and money, so that you can focus on what matters most to you!

Are you overwhelmed by chaos or clutter?

Is your closet/pantry/playroom etc. out of control?

Are you moving in or out and don’t know where to start?

Are you longing for a place to park your car?/Room for the kids to play?/ A space for family dinners?

If you have a space that matters and are feeling overwhelmed, call Space Matters – we understand how busy life can get and we can help you sift through the chaos and regain control. Call us today for a free consultation!

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